How to Beat Candy Crush Level 275

Follow these tips How to Beat Candy Crush Level 275 and you will get through like a candy crush pro. Level 275 is pretty far and equally hard but if you can beat this level then you are on your way to Candy Crush Saga greatness!

Ok, I still have not beat this level and I hate it. I totally know how to beat it, but I absolutely refuse to buy the boosters to get past. This level is near impossible to beat without boosters, and mostly every one who beats this level, will pay to beat level 275 of Candy Crush.

candy crush level 275Most players have not gotten to level 275 yet, and when they do, you know who you are… you are good. I mean, really good at Candy Crush. However this level is the devil. The worst! What were they thinking.

Ok, the strategy to beat Candy Crush level 275 is to stick to the middle and be careful not to take out the top corners. You do this by being careful with your combos. If you can land a couple wrapped candies mixed with striped candies in the middle of the board, then you can open up the level. You have to get lucky with the fish cause they can open up the bombs.

If you do open a bomb, do not touch the chocolate and hope that in the first 2 moves that the chocolate will cover the bomb back up. If you get any of the chocolate knocked out in this time, then it is pointless. The bombs will keep dropping so there is really no use in trying to take out the bombs. And if you have the opportunity to switch a candy for the bomb, which is rare, take it. But note that you only have 3 moves to take out the bomb, so it is even more rare to keep going.

Candy Crush Level 275 was created to make money and I wouldn’t be surprised if they make good money from this level. However, this level is far in the game so perhaps people get to this point and quit. I am so close to doing so! I hate this level.

If you have a secret to beat candy crush level 275, please share below.


  1. I have been having trouble with this level too. I’ve come really close a couple times. Once I only had 1 jelly left but it was early on so I figured I could do it again but haven’t been close since. Should have bought the booster then…

    I have one small tip that doesn’t help much unless you are lucky. If you accidently knock out one of the top corners, try to switch the bomb for a normal candy into the spot. That will kill the bomb and the candy will block others from falling. Like I said, you have to be really lucky to be able to make the switch in three moves but it is sometimes possible.

    Also , save the chocolate sprinkle balls to take out the bomb color, in case the bomb gets down to the end of its life. It’s not a permanent solution because another 3-move bomb will take its place, but it will buy you time to do the switch I mentioned before.

    Oh, and beware of striped candies and striped/wrapped combos that are too high up! They can knock out both top corners at the same time and you are dead in the water.

  2. Sonali Escrader says:

    we play a game to relax our minds not to get more frustrated and angry …this is ridiculous .Levels should be made fun not difficult and boring . Please improve the levels .hope someone is reading ….

  3. Finally managed to complete this level. Followed advice to let the Chocolate cover up the bombs and then deal with all the other Jellies. Then removed the chocolate and used the Fish to take out the remaining Jellies without affecting the Bombs.

    I’ll admit this was the most frustrating level so far and even if you have a good strategy, you can only ‘play with the cards you are dealt’.


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  5. I just passed level 275 with 283320 with 13 moves remaining.
    I followed your tip and that really helped.
    The key is to keep the chocolate intact in those two corners and let the chocolate grow around them. That becomes a padding for that corner block which has the bomb. Then keep removing as many center jelly blocks as you can maybe using a stripe and wrapped candy combo. DO NOT swipe a striped with a color bomb. That will destroy everything and reach all corners. When you are almost done getting rid of the jellies in the center and bottom, then finally play the top part which by now has a lot of chocolate covered blocks.
    Its tough but is playable. Don’t give up. Good luck !

  6. What a stupid level. I almost made it several times but i always ruin it when just have 2 of 3 jellies left, aaah!

  7. I hate this level, I have been stuck for a while now, and no matter how many times I watch the video, I still can’t get past it, I have friends who have and they won’t help, I thought games were suppose to be fun, but when it comes to the makers of candy crush saga, I feel like they are making the levels harder and harder and beginning to be no fun anymore, and really setting the bombs at 3 is even more stupid cuz they know the chocolate is never gonna cover the bombs and they know we will never be able to switch the bombs with other candy, I feel like they makers of candy crush saga are making the levels harder to play. I feel like the harder the levels and more impossible, sooner or later people are gonna quit playing and they won’t have players anymore. I think they should stop putting bombs in every freakin level there is and make the levels easier to play.

  8. The big problem i have is either the stupid fish clear the space where the chocolate is covering the bomb or, a special candy is set of and clears it.Foe days now i have used at the most 15 moves per game.

  9. I agree with what you all say what a horrible level all I can say why make it so hard it just takes the fun out of it. But I am not a defeatist so I will keep trying till I get it ( I hope)

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