Candy Crush Level 275

Candy Crush Level 275Candy Crush Level 275 is so hard. Like EXTREMELY HARD! These bombs are going to be the death of me. This level has had me stumped for months. I get so close, and I have even spent money on more moves. NOTTA! So hard to beat this level. Here is how I have gotten to almost beat it!

How to beat Candy Crush Level 275 is you have to stay away from the outside and be careful with the boosters. If you get the chocolate that is covering the bombs in the corners, then you only have 3 moves to get them taken care of.

If you do open up the bombs and you do not have an obvious way to get them switch out, then I suggest not touching any other chocolate, then they hopefully will get covered back up and you will be saved. Most of the time this will not happen, so just stay away from the corners.

Then once you have a sprinkle, hold onto it until the last possible moment to match that up with a striped candy. If you hit just about any booster, you might be unleashing the bombs in the corners. So you have to wait for the last possible move to unleash the booster.

I am really really good at this game, and if this level has had me stumped this long, I can imagine more people will have troubles like I have.

Have you beat this level yet? I feel like it cannot get much harder than this level, but I think I have said that before!


  1. very relieved addict says:

    Well. finally, I have beaten this level! I didn’t use boosters but did have to pay for an extra 5 moves and completed on the final move. This has taken me many attempts and had me almost ready to give up completely, even googling to try and find ways to completely bypass the level (you can’t – there aren’t any). I cleared the sides, middle and bottom using a combination of matching candies, stripes etc. I got lucky with a coloured ball and stripes towards the end after the fish had left both bombs exposed and lots of purple candies on the board. I honestly believed this board to be impossible but I realise now it is down to pure luck, keep going!

  2. Just did it after so many goes. Mostly luck but also when you get a bomb in the corner, try to move it out to make a three and then another bomb will not reappear

  3. i love candy crush. Im on leavel 103.

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