How to Beat Candy Crush Level 275

Follow these tips How to Beat Candy Crush Level 275 and you will get through like a candy crush pro. Level 275 is pretty far and equally hard but if you can beat this level then you are on your way to Candy Crush Saga greatness!

Ok, I still have not beat this level and I hate it. I totally know how to beat it, but I absolutely refuse to buy the boosters to get past. This level is near impossible to beat without boosters, and mostly every one who beats this level, will pay to beat level 275 of Candy Crush.

candy crush level 275Most players have not gotten to level 275 yet, and when they do, you know who you are… you are good. I mean, really good at Candy Crush. However this level is the devil. The worst! What were they thinking.

Ok, the strategy to beat Candy Crush level 275 is to stick to the middle and be careful not to take out the top corners. You do this by being careful with your combos. If you can land a couple wrapped candies mixed with striped candies in the middle of the board, then you can open up the level. You have to get lucky with the fish cause they can open up the bombs.

If you do open a bomb, do not touch the chocolate and hope that in the first 2 moves that the chocolate will cover the bomb back up. If you get any of the chocolate knocked out in this time, then it is pointless. The bombs will keep dropping so there is really no use in trying to take out the bombs. And if you have the opportunity to switch a candy for the bomb, which is rare, take it. But note that you only have 3 moves to take out the bomb, so it is even more rare to keep going.

Candy Crush Level 275 was created to make money and I wouldn’t be surprised if they make good money from this level. However, this level is far in the game so perhaps people get to this point and quit. I am so close to doing so! I hate this level.

If you have a secret to beat candy crush level 275, please share below.

Candy Crush Level 275

Candy Crush Level 275

Candy Crush Level 275 is so hard. Like EXTREMELY HARD! These bombs are going to be the death of me. This level has had me stumped for months. I get so close, and I have even spent money on more moves. NOTTA! So hard to beat this level. Here is how I have gotten to […]

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